WordBrain Gnome Level - 15

Gnome pack Gnome Level - 15

y a g n o i d p
l s i i c n l r
i c i n a r e s
r t p n r a p u
s n l a b a a r
e g m t m u i v
h e g e w u m e
e r e r f p e y

The answer / solution is Survey, Planning, Merger, Premium, Appeal, Fabric, Duration, Weight, Necessarily

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Hidden words:
lay, see, seem, stir, egg, her, here, hen, sin, sign, sing, sit, say, sir, clay, tip, tin, nest, emerge, gas, gain, gay, inn, plate, plan, pan, panic, palm, pit, late, later, lab, lap, mere, metal, mate, man, map, get, green, none, name, alter, tap, oil, one, car, care, can, cane, candle, canal, crab, coin, area, acre, acid, and, rare, rain, rat, rate, bar, barn, barrel, brain, brand, bat, ban, wet, free, few, fee, near, repair, aim, air, learn, learning, line, lion, era, end, ear, earn, earl, earnings, pair, pause, prime, per, pen, pencil, pear, eye, super, sue, separate, send, sea, spend, use, user, via, virus, pump, stinger, time, regime, item, mine, timing, bit, bite, rail, set, scene, asset, sail, ten, the, then, night, net, gene, tie, tight, eight, weigh, card, raw, bald, bad, war, fuel, pub, lead, lad, law, pale, appear, warn, far, raft, tea, tear, eat, oar, ward, wait, wear, nor, not, note, ratio, rating, draw

664 votes, average: 2,90 out of 5 664 votes, average: 2,90 out of 5 664 votes, average: 2,90 out of 5 664 votes, average: 2,90 out of 5 664 votes, average: 2,90 out of 5 (664 votes, average: 2,90 out of 5)
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Yag, PER, Ink, yli, ili, LI, Hcp, dcn, Nah, gam, Rar, RIL, &, Llw, Ssy, Comme, OIt, nrt)+, Sow, MooSe

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