WordBrain Parrot Level - 9

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Parrot pack Parrot Level - 9

n o i t a x c t
i p x e p m a o
n s l a m l o o
t e t n h c o c
s e t a m t c l
t e s i n o d l
t e k b e n l i
t e k c i n a t

The answer / solution is Taxation, Dominate, Clothes, Listen, Blanket, Ticket, Complex, Contest, Complain

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Hidden words:
noise, nine, item, tax, tap, tape, tea, team, tie, tip, camp, cat, coal, coat, cool, too, tool, isle, plan, plant, plate, pine, point, pit, pie, eat, else, plot, pet, pan, pant, pale, map, mate, act, net, nest, set, see, settle, state, steel, spin, sin, lamp, late, lap, let, lens, lean, man, male, mean, meal, meat, lot, test, ten, tension, teen, estate, task, taste, tent, tale, talent, taxi, name, ham, hat, hate, cold, chain, chase, cloth, clam, old, seek, estimate, tin, aim, ask, month, moth, main, mask, mast, mine, mittens, tone, toe, than, that, sit, site, ski, skin, inn, into, nod, none, not, neck, one, onto, doll, domain, dominant, kit, kite, kitten, bend, bind, bit, bite, bike, end, nail, nice, lane, land, ill, ice, indian, alone, all, and, aid, tall, tail, pile, pool, pole, slip, silent, lip, list, line, loop, clean, cop, cope, plane, planet, lots, hen, chest, senate, snap, she, shame, the, then, snail, bet, moon, steam, steal, melon, metal, temple, kick, bat, ban, bank, bake, lab, lake, cite, tank, take, piano, sea, seat, mail, mile, pain

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