WordBrain Panda Level - 10

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Panda pack Panda Level - 10

e o i m n o s p
n t s p r i a e
m o i c m t t a
a y f t e e e n
r e g c s r i m
p t s l g r l e
a e r i r e y t
m a i n t a i n

The answer / solution is Maintain, Testify, Miracle, Register, Nation, Emerge, Partly, Compose, Spearmint

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Hidden words:
onto, one, nose, noise, nor, norm, sea, seat, set, soap, son, sort, sit, site, sir, sin, peas, pet, pair, pain, not, notice, note, net, toy, tone, tip, toe, ten, stone, soft, prime, prison, pit, rise, rose, item, iron, air, aim, eat, motion, most, may, oar, ice, cite, crime, meet, mere, merger, meter, minor, teen, test, tent, tea, tin, time, tap, tape, art, yet, yes, year, fit, fist, fear, enter, rest, repeat, era, ear, get, gear, see, seem, section, retain, rent, interest, mile, mine, miner, mention, mean, meat, per, pear, pray, team, tear, train, tray, try, stern, steam, step, stream, strain, list, great, grain, gray, girl, green, greatest, retire, rely, let, lie, line, learn, leg, eye, earn, earl, remain, rain, rat, rate, element, tiny, tie, main, map, mate, merit, arise, area, tire, artist, nice, same, primarily, price, post, rice, image, car, carry, care, cop, cost, corn, crop, marry, acre, age, early, eagle, eager, egg, else, game, cream, creation, create, cry, race, isle, merely, angel, anger, angle, stir, prayer, pay, pale, lay, layer, lap, alter, impose, space, peace, pace, nest, top, spot, stop, prism, poem, pose, poet, pot, riot, arm, case, camp, cap, part, party, smart

870 votes, average: 2,80 out of 5 870 votes, average: 2,80 out of 5 870 votes, average: 2,80 out of 5 870 votes, average: 2,80 out of 5 870 votes, average: 2,80 out of 5 (870 votes, average: 2,80 out of 5)
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