WordBrain Mouse Level - 4

Mouse pack Mouse Level - 4

l a t r c k r l
e i g e e o e u
t i o h c s w f
n e g g u p t r
i s r n p r o w
i l e o i o p u
k c e b t n n o
i c t p a i e r

The answer / solution is Iceberg, Together, Painting, Initial, Sickle, Purpose, Coconut, Powerful, Worker

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Hidden words:
let, late, later, lie, elite, eat, eager, tie, tin, ten, tea, net, isle, insect, ice, ago, age, agree, ignore, egg, sleep, slice, see, select, senior, set, silk, sin, sick, line, client, tree, tail, tale, get, gate, oil, rebel, reign, rent, elect, else, engine, teen, rest, hurt, her, here, gun, not, notion, nor, nine, neck, obtain, onion, one, bat, ban, bonus, bone, born, bet, beer, bit, pain, paint, pan, pant, pet, peer, cost, cow, core, cork, cup, cheese, cheek, check, chest, upon, use, user, useful, unit, union, pit, pine, print, prior, pop, port, point, poor, pot, poet, inn, inner, into, iron, tap, tape, tip, tone, toe, top, too, owe, spring, spot, sport, spoon, stop, strip, string, sock, score, secret, support, such, sun, root, row, run, riot, ring, onto, none, nation, rule, rose, rock, west, work, troop, two, trip, tribe, opponent, left, fuel, few, either, test, nest, neither, soon, son, song, silo, lot, loop, log, lose, lost, long, lock, list, listen, close, cop, contain, container, content, tent, thus, the, there, goat, option, tonight, tongue, tool, night, nose, pool, pose, post, pig, tight, sue, suggest, right, sit, site, our, crop, pour, pure, soup, sort, secure, stock, tower, pope, rope, oppose, cope, open, per, pen, power, tune, now, nut, out

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