WordBrain Marsh Turtle Level - 2

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Marsh Turtle pack Marsh Turtle Level - 2

t n e m s u c d
e a t r u o a j
c f e s t n n n
t n e e p h r o
t u t r r s i r
e v d e e r s b
o h c e a a c e
o r e n a t n s

The answer / solution is Anchor, Senate, Career, Observe, Dispute, Content, Surface, Northern, Adjustment

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Hidden words:
tea, ten, tent, net, enter, eat, must, meter, mere, meat, mean, sun, sure, sum, son, south, can, cannon, contest, count, counter, course, court, after, act, truth, trust, trustee, treat, tree, test, teen, term, terms, run, rent, react, rest, refer, use, user, out, our, center, cat, cane, fee, fence, fat, fate, fan, fact, face, estate, street, step, see, set, sea, seat, state, this, threat, three, treatment, terrace, tour, not, note, nut, nurse, nor, noise, tune, nest, press, present, presence, per, peer, pet, prefer, his, hire, rise, tear, red, represent, sir, seed, iron, deer, dear, due, dress, ear, era, ease, race, rat, scenario, scar, screen, hen, her, hero, area, arrest, arise, acre, assert, car, care, case, need, near, session, stereo, rate, create, basis, base, bar, cab, reserve, serve, boss, output, third, put, rid, dish, one, ensure, stone, the, then, these, tone, north, none, sue, sad, rush, another, fresh, she, here, other, others, theft, there, stern, dust, date, adjust, just, east, heat, head, read

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