WordBrain Kiwi Level - 15

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Kiwi pack Kiwi Level - 15

a s n o t a a t
e l c t i s x i
q s i c i u r e
e y i y m e m e
b t n o e d l x
t e e n a c o p
o t s r e t r o
h e l i c p n e

The answer / solution is Taxation, Explode, Icicle, Remember, Assist, Contest, Anyone, Equity, Helicopter

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Hidden words:
sale, sales, sea, not, tax, taxi, air, tie, tire, tired, else, time, sure, sue, sum, suit, sit, sin, site, set, isle, cite, city, red, yet, yes, inn, inner, intense, internet, year, yield, mere, merit, meat, mean, monster, money, music, must, export, explore, beer, bet, best, better, teen, test, ten, tennis, tin, tiny, none, noise, nest, net, one, oar, eat, ear, earn, earl, door, dear, deer, date, dare, loop, locate, lot, lemon, leisure, tent, toe, enter, enemy, era, near, need, needle, act, actor, acre, arise, admit, cop, corn, core, cold, code, crop, cat, can, cane, canoe, car, care, ocean, old, port, poor, pool, pole, pot, plot, proceed, the, these, slice, sir, stern, senate, senator, see, settle, react, read, reader, rice, rise, rest, rent, race, rat, rate, troop, tea, tear, top, too, root, role, rod, onto, hot, hotel, list, listen, lie, let, ice, pet, petrol, per, peace, pear, pen, nor, assert, assure, assume, cut, tree, seem, stair, issue, use, user, mile, mess, nice, climb, timber, street, meter, member, meet, tenant, term, art, corner, coat, content, cart, carpet, connect, come, letter, center, peer, stress, stairs, terms, nation, any, coin, silo, scientist, scene, step, ratio, hole, lots, quit, quite, oil, elite, cope

1352 votes, average: 2,80 out of 5 1352 votes, average: 2,80 out of 5 1352 votes, average: 2,80 out of 5 1352 votes, average: 2,80 out of 5 1352 votes, average: 2,80 out of 5 (1352 votes, average: 2,80 out of 5)
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