WordBrain Fox Level - 6

Fox pack Fox Level - 6

d k m b e l v
t h t a e l a
s i s s u i s
g l e o r k m
u o n e b k k
t i d e i c s
o d p a r i p

The answer / solution is Tug, Shield, Odd, Sink, Teapot, Barbell, Mouse, Kick, Skis, Vampire

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Hidden words:
this, tissue, tie, silo, sit, guide, tide, tip, tin, tone, toe, his, hit, issue, isle, log, lot, less, lesson, list, lie, one, out, idea, dinosaur, mass, mast, send, see, seed, soul, son, end, need, near, nest, nod, not, nor, nose, dear, deer, dare, dog, deep, pair, pit, pine, pear, per, peer, pen, base, bat, bath, basis, bell, beat, beam, best, assist, assure, sure, sue, sell, sea, seat, season, our, ear, era, add, air, east, ease, eat, use, rule, rose, risk, red, breed, beer, bend, bed, boss, bond, bone, bear, rapid, radio, read, reader, least, lease, ill, iron, kill, credit, value, ask, all, aim, smile, sale, sales, sail, sir, ski, skill, skull, mill, mile, screen, sick, pick, dish, die, side, sin, stone, solid, lots, lost, odds, old, stilts, episode, knee, onto, into, more, most, master, tour, teen, ten, tend, net, note, parent, pink, store, enter, rent, bet, top, stop, opera, open, meet, meter, tea, tear, pan, pant, point, pot, post, pet, some, remote, bean, rank, operate, meat, tap, tape, rat, rate, create, pirate, basic, bar, rub, rise

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