WordBrain Dwarf Level - 13

Dwarf pack Dwarf Level - 13

t c s l e u u a
n a e e r t h n
t e a u t m t n
n s t l c a r e
i n c w e h w l
c l a e o g r a
o t h l i e a t
u o o l t w r n

The answer / solution is Warmth, Outline, Regular, Antenna, Without, Constant, Collect, Actual, Elsewhere

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Hidden words:
nest, net, test, tea, ten, tent, tennis, instance, inn, cloth, out, can, cane, cat, case, act, eat, east, ease, steal, steel, scale, sea, seat, set, see, stance, sauce, sale, salute, salt, sin, since, silo, nine, law, line, list, listen, lot, too, tool, than, the, tall, tale, select, else, alter, two, taste, turtle, call, cell, clear, clue, all, hot, hole, hall, hat, hell, hello, heat, heel, let, letter, least, lease, lean, elect, leg, lecture, learn, late, last, well, weigh, wealth, wear, wall, want, elite, lie, log, low, release, real, rule, tree, treat, truth, term, car, care, cart, chart, cut, ear, earl, earth, earn, each, oil, owe, owl, ill, tie, tear, tunnel, match, mate, matter, art, arm, aware, harm, ham, hate, hear, heart, how, gear, get, grant, great, era, wet, will, war, warn, wage, hunter, hurt, trace, rent, raw, race, rat, rate, what, wheel, who, whole, warm, watch, water, rare, age, ago, aunt, nut, new, large, area, talent, target, height, weight, eight, light, culture, tight, threat, tug, huge, urge, argue, laugh, cost, cash, cast, shall, she, shell, shelter, sheet, son, saw, host, wash, lost, health, that, toe, title, hit, hill, hotel, while, white, with, her, here, react, reason, recall, tell, clash, where, whale

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