WordBrain Dwarf Level - 4

Dwarf pack Dwarf Level - 4

r t i b g e r n
e y o n r s r o
f e i l e d i i
l t a t t i v s
p o r u n n c s
r i r n t a e i
a n n v o o o m
l e e a s h p e

The answer / solution is Center, Shooting, Portion, Annual, Overbite, Nearly, Adviser, Filter, Permission

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Hidden words:
eye, float, flee, fleet, fear, fee, feel, lot, let, learn, left, prior, protein, port, pot, pole, pine, pirate, plot, rain, riot, role, air, airport, lean, lane, tin, toilet, tone, toy, toe, tree, try, yet, year, ear, earn, eat, top, tail, tale, trail, train, trainer, trip, trial, tea, tear, title, tie, option, oar, inn, near, nine, oil, one, art, aunt, auto, alter, alone, along, run, rat, ratio, rating, rate, rail, rural, bit, bite, bone, bolt, boy, net, not, note, lion, lie, line, long, latter, late, later, tunnel, turn, turtle, ten, until, unit, nut, van, return, red, relief, relation, relate, retain, elite, tide, natural, nice, too, oven, onto, shop, shoot, shot, shoe, son, save, soon, sir, side, set, setting, division, dice, die, diet, disc, desire, detail, into, ice, acid, hope, hot, home, rid, ride, rise, iron, vision, cite, can, cane, cat, emission, enter, poem, photo, nor, noise, order, sea, seat, miss, mission, mean, meat, mess, tug, giant, gun, dig, aid, and, ring, via, advise, nail, earl, tire, nerve, real, beer, over, fly, early, fit, lift, life, per, prime

651 votes, average: 2,90 out of 5 651 votes, average: 2,90 out of 5 651 votes, average: 2,90 out of 5 651 votes, average: 2,90 out of 5 651 votes, average: 2,90 out of 5 (651 votes, average: 2,90 out of 5)
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