WordBrain Cobra Level - 14

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Cobra pack Cobra Level - 14

c c h t n a n g
r i t e i n m r
e h i d n a g o
n s a m i s i h
b h c o e s r i
t d a a c u b h
n r s s o a t a
b t n e r p p o

The answer / solution is Apparent, Neither, Thousand, Stomach, Crisis, Romantic, Absorb, Behind, Changing

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Hidden words:
cite, hen, hit, hire, ten, tend, tin, tie, tide, the, then, nine, net, antenna, aid, aide, rich, resident, tent, time, tire, this, their, end, either, inn, inside, indian, intense, intend, man, main, mass, hide, him, his, ham, her, disease, die, disc, discourse, dining, dish, diet, ago, assign, aside, air, and, aim, gas, gain, organ, same, sad, shame, shade, scar, she, side, sit, site, admit, miss, mind, mine, mess, mad, mittens, issue, sir, sigh, sign, sin, sand, sea, hard, coast, come, coin, case, cast, car, cart, card, chase, chart, cash, oar, ease, each, east, sue, score, rise, rub, dart, art, cut, coat, core, cop, coach, cousin, course, cat, cap, cause, care, cab, use, bat, bath, but, bus, bar, hat, soap, south, out, our, approach, auto, abuse, tap, top, nest, era, rent, rest, rose, rat, race, press, process, path, pause, pace, parent, pose, pour, pot, oppose, discuss, mean, hand, can, ocean, ear, earn, than, both, boot, boss, hot, house, hour, too, toss, tour, chin, hint, thin, thing, giant, organic, insist, asset, meat, set, seat, eat, star, rate, tea, tear, toe, arise, bear, bind, bid, rice, reign, ice, acre, crab, cabin, rare, among, one, near, nor, norm, hear, being, brain, rain, hang, bend

1272 votes, average: 2,80 out of 5 1272 votes, average: 2,80 out of 5 1272 votes, average: 2,80 out of 5 1272 votes, average: 2,80 out of 5 1272 votes, average: 2,80 out of 5 (1272 votes, average: 2,80 out of 5)
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