WordBrain Cobra Level - 12

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Cobra pack Cobra Level - 12

h w s a u h c l
r e g n o h t a
l s o a e r r a
y u i n m v i p
g t r p i o m i
i i r o m o r r
e t a n e r r c
e m p l o y e r

The answer / solution is Employer, Answer, Import, Mirror, Origin, Create, Although, Chairman, Previously

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Hidden words:
her, anger, angel, ago, again, age, cat, car, cart, rely, game, gain, gas, nor, norm, north, name, noise, none, nose, one, hero, hen, trip, tap, the, them, then, act, arrive, art, leg, son, soul, song, suit, sin, sir, sit, onion, out, our, air, airport, eager, remain, rat, rather, river, aim, use, user, iron, isle, mine, miner, move, mean, menu, man, manage, manager, main, via, part, path, patch, pair, prior, guy, truly, trial, tie, turn, tug, tin, tip, rise, rule, ruler, pine, poem, port, portion, portrait, prison, prisoner, pit, pity, piano, image, initial, over, oven, more, item, rate, opinion, oar, mere, melon, money, moral, room, employ, tale, temple, alone, error, eye, remove, relate, role, cry, meet, metal, map, male, mate, marriage, plan, plane, plate, pan, panel, pale, party, lane, lap, late, lamp, lemon, huge, german, through, though, rough, gang, sing, engine, reign, pig, give, given, crop, eat, chair, hair, previous, per

1272 votes, average: 2,80 out of 5 1272 votes, average: 2,80 out of 5 1272 votes, average: 2,80 out of 5 1272 votes, average: 2,80 out of 5 1272 votes, average: 2,80 out of 5 (1272 votes, average: 2,80 out of 5)
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300, Ron, Siy, Lizar, Tts21, psdw, bue, Stesr, Dolph, -8575, etb&a, sei, eCa, Give , Pne , Hrg, Aiyt&, TRO, pola, rlo a

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