WordBrain Chicken Level - 2

Chicken pack Chicken Level - 2

e s u c e c e a
s o r e h e d s
r t a t a o r g
c o b t c i b a
i t n r u o n a
s t i e t r a g
r u t c v r u h
r e r e n o r t

The answer / solution is Turnover, Organic, Brother, Stereo, Database, Accuse, Counter, Recruit, Straight

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Hidden words:
estate, such, sure, sue, sort, source, use, certain, chain, chair, curtain, creature, crab, cross, state, statute, star, stare, start, stone, store, oar, our, retain, react, rat, rate, rather, rose, eat, era, ear, earth, her, hero, heat, hair, hat, hate, horse, hear, heart, drag, death, deer, doctrine, sad, sea, see, seed, tone, toss, toe, touch, tour, treat, tree, area, art, tea, tear, the, that, act, acre, air, organ, robot, rod, red, riot, ring, gang, grab, great, contact, contain, coat, obtain, one, bone, boat, bat, bath, bar, tutor, turn, cut, curve, corn, court, coin, cat, critic, core, code, bag, ban, bird, breath, breathe, breed, bring, born, about, agree, tie, tin, tire, nice, net, never, not, notice, nor, return, rent, rice, out, note, stir, suit, sit, trust, ice, into, even, ever, truth, ten, tent, route, retire, cite, venture, rough, hurt, hang, recent, enough, event, north, once, over, oven, ought, than, tug, coach, nature, trace, race, gate, chart, charter, car, cart, can, east, error, head, data, date, road, throat, three, corner, contract, other, others, burn, but, butter, both, bother, bad, broad, taste, base, terrace, rub, ago, site, auto, goat, carrot, easter, score, read, dear, dare, secret, actor, count, care, tune, nut, run, aunt, cab, case, gun

759 votes, average: 2,90 out of 5 759 votes, average: 2,90 out of 5 759 votes, average: 2,90 out of 5 759 votes, average: 2,90 out of 5 759 votes, average: 2,90 out of 5 (759 votes, average: 2,90 out of 5)
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